Organic waste - clean disposal - our know-how

Wüsthof Biogas GmbH: Certified disposal operation

With over ten years experience Wüsthof biogas stands for efficiency, innovation, reliability and sustainability.

Our installation constantly ensures for a secure, reliable and cost-effective utilization of waste materials as well as the guaranteed and complete traceability.

The waste is processed with the highest possible recycling rates, packed isolated and unmixed with all organic material fully fermented. Our digestate complies with the RAL seal of compost, is used as fertilizer on nearby farmland.

  • Processing of waste under customs supervision
  • Acquisition of logistics
  • Discreet protection of your brand
  • Acceptance of all types of packaging 
  • 2.000 m³ Receiving store (always available) 
  • 10.000 m³ Digester capacity
  • 17.000 m³ Digestate storage